Squirt is so good, drink alot.

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Squirt Poetry. Could there be a higher art form?

    Now's your chance ladies and germs! Write us some Squirt poetry and if it's Squirt-Worthy you can expect to see it on the page with your name right underneath it! And we will even assign you with a special Squirt title to put on your business cards or tatoo on your arm!

    All that for free?
    That's right! FOR FREE!
    WOW! how do I send in poetry?
    Just email it to: The Squirtmasters

    Here's the types of poems we are interested in.
    But hey, if you want to write an epic poem or just some prose about Squirt, we will open a new section just for your work!

    • Haikus
      Haikus are strange Japanese syllable poems, but hey if they are about Squirt they are fine with me.

    • Limericks
      Ah, the irish folks celebrating their love for Squirt.
      Try to make them as dirty as possible. But remember they should be about Squirt!

    • Sonnets
      How do I love thee... let me count the lines.
      14 line poems showing our love for Squirt.
      I'm sure there is a rhyme structure to them.
      Probably every other line. But what do I look like? An English major?

    • Lyrics
      Have you ever heard a song and said "Hey! I could change that word to Squirt!" Well nows your chance! Be Wierd Al! Re-write your favorite song in squirtese!

    Our First Glorious Submission courtesy of ChArBgAr94 from AOL, Complete with COLOR!:

    I'm a Walking Squirt Advertiser

    I love to flirt with Squirt.

    Its' flavor is never dull.

    Its cheap to buy,

    And isn't dry.

    Squirt doesn't kill you

    like a bull.

    I'm never shy

    when I drink Squirt.

    I wanteed a new shirt,

    that said "I FLIRT WITH SQUIRT"

    So I bought it.

    And that is how

    I became

    A walking Squirt advertiser

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    Last updated on Jun. 11 1998