Squirt is so good, drink alot.

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The beverage of the Counter Culture. Bookmark us, we have friends with the IRS

The Squirt Page, an amazing title graphic.

A year ago three kids began with a dream. A dream to create a site dedicated to their favorite carbonated beverage. The beverage that the mortals call Squirt, but the Gods of Mt. Olympus call nectar. Some enlightened folks can call it nectar of the gods, but those folks are few and far between.

Well in that year our site has grown and we have grown. We have been listed on Yahoo! Some of our outstanding Squirt slogans may be published in the magazine Soda Pop Dreams. We have discovered that we might be the only site out there dedicted to Squirt. There is no official site made by the bottlers of this wonderous beverage. We are the only ones on the web to tell you of the greatness of Squirt.

Now that we have grown, we feel it is time to add some more humor to the site. As always we would love to hear your input on the humor, and are more than willing to add anything you have writen about Squirt to our page to make it better.

Squirt Today. You'll feel better.

Please report any problems, ideas, suggestions to the Visionaries who created this site.

Daniel Linsley, Thomas Hunt, Mack Martin
Last updated on Jan 6 1999